Miss SF Leather Mollena has created a RACE card™, which you can purchase on her website, mollena.com. She also gives some good reasons for whipping it out:

Yeah, so we have a black president and we are supposed to kick back and light up a fattie, because now everything is cool, right? Not so fast, my brethren and sistren.Every once in a while some fooligan will roll to you talkin’ some trash about how you discussing your racial background in a broader social context is a “back-handed maneuver.” They may even accuse you of “playing the Race Card” because you mention that life is different for you because you are…well…different.

Next time that shit goes down, be prepared.

Break out your RACE card™. Slam it down. BOOYAKACHA! Silence them and as their brains reel because you are so awesome, you can gently school them in the fine art of removing their damn foot from their pie-hole and maybe get it through their skulls that you won’t be silenced by fauxtastic bogus arguments designed to undermine your experience.

The RACE card™ also comes in handy if you need to:
* Cut in line at banks.
* Remind underlings that, yes, you actually ARE “The Man.”
* Impress those with racial fetishes.
* Levy silent accusations at the staff in fine dining establishments.
* Have an “Oppression-Off” with other beleaguered “People Of Color”

Get yours today!

blog2-010310Penis pants
Isabel Mastache's fashions look as if they are designed to make men look silly. Even the beautiful models hired to parade her creations looked as though they were having a hard time keeping a straight face while walking the runway at the recent Madrid Fashion Week. The highlight of her collection is a pair of beige trousers with a stuffed cloth penis and testes stitched to the crotch.