Logitech has introduced a gadget designed to ease the reltionship issues that you may have with your laptop. Logotech's non-slip Portable Laptop Desk comes with a retractable mouse pad that will work much better than your sofa cushions. The Lapdesk also serves to protect your legs and knees  from the heat radiated by your laptop. It will retail for around R200.





inno2-200909Don't lose a crumb
This cake slicer designed by Scandinavian Maria Kivijärvi makes for precision slicing and serving.  Once you have made the cut, squeeze to lift the slice and then relax your grip to release onto a waiting side plate. The slicer is made by Magisso ( and costs around R650.

USB slouch warning
If you have ever found yourself seated with your nose so close to your computer monitor that your intestines are squoonched up against your lungs and your spine is forced into a capital C that takes days to iron out, help is at hand. The USB Posture Alert Reminder uses ultrasonic sensors to detect just how close you are to your computer. When you are too close, it beams red or blue LEDs or emits a warning chime. According to Ubergizmo ( : "It will cost you $24 (R176) to bring this annoying device to your workspace."

Fit for surfing
Let's face it, hours spent hunched (see above) over your computer, does absolutely nothing for your physique. Apart from the inevitable eye, back and neck strain, the sedentary behaviour is likely to lead to unwanted adipose tissue around your middle and hips. Englishman Matt Gray ( has a solution that will keep you mobile while you navigate the web. Gray's Webcycle is an exercise bike with sensors on the pedals, connected to an Arduino and a laptop running Ubuntu. The faster you pedal, the faster your internet speed. To view text, keep a moderate pace. For a YouTube video, pedal really, really fast. A note on Gray's website reads: " For those have been a little confused, technically this does not speed up ones internet connection. The faster one pedals, the less it limits the bandwidth."