inno1040909Sound control
Sony Ericsson's new MH907 headphones  put your ears in control with a headset  that responds to motion. When you take the buds out of your ears, the 'phones automatically pause whatever track is playing on your player, so that you don't have to fumble around for buttons. If you use them with a mobile phone, the SensMe technology hangs up when you dislodge the buds from your ears.

What the L, Google?inno4040909
In case you missed it, Google spelt its logo with two els on Sunday last week. The double consonant was meant as a cryptic celebratory salute to Google's eleventh anniversary. Oddly enough, Ron Callari of Inventor Spot, notes that Wikipedia puts Google's birthday on the 4th of September.




inno2040909Wear your peripherals
Dutch design student Erik De Nijs built a wireless keyboard into a pair of jeans as his take on a project which required him to combine two brand items to create a new product. While the Beauty and the Geek pants were meant more as an artistic statement than a practical wearable item, if the problem of washability can be overcome they might well become mainstream.







Seeing iPhone
There seems to be no end to the things Apple's iPhone can do. A new application for the very smart phone called Eye Glasses magnifies hard-to-read text up to eight times by using the phone's camera feed and making it much bigger.