inno-111009Corner kitty
The Refined Feline, a company that specialises in custom cat furniture, has created this corner commode to accommodate the needs of the most discerning cat ... and  his staff. The unit is designed to give kitty the privacy he needs, while keeping odours and unsightly litter boxes out of the way. It comes in honey, mahogany, and espresso finishes and costs around R1500. (

Nap Capinno2-111009
If you have ever woken from an upright sleep with a crick in your neck or your head on a stranger's shoulder, this rather strange-looking headgear is the solution. While it is certainly not designed with the wearer's self respect in mind, the Nap Cap is sure to keep your head up while you nod off. The cap is equipped with sturdy elasticised straps that tie your noggin to the back of whatever furniture you are seated on. (




The Japanese designers of the Pet Evacuation Jacket have every base covered in the event that you and your pet find yourselves in a disaster zone. The jacket is made of the latest high-tech fire-retardant fabric with Velcro fasteners and is fitted with a handle as well as a longer strap that can double as a leash. It has enough storage space for food, pet and human, and water, to keep you and your pet going in the vital 24 to 48 hours after evacuation. Other supplies include a food bowl, muzzle, hermetically-sealed odour control bag, protective rain hood and rubber booties, freezer gel packs (to control heat), a bell and a waterproof ID capsule with blank paper. There is also space for human supplies: bandages, aromatic panic-calming oil, first-aid gloves, a mini-radio and an emergency whistle. This high tech saviour suit will set you back about R4000, but it does seem worthwhile if you live in a dangerous place. (

inno4-111009Mat power
Nowadays, you need an extra bag in your luggage just to accommodate the peripherals you need to keep your devices charged. The Powermat, a slab about the size of an upmarket novel, charges up to three batteries at the same time using magnetic induction. (