inno1-251009Pout like Angelina
Want a delicious, fleshy mouth like Angelina Jolie? is offering a "no injections, no pain" DIY lip enhancing system called JolieLips, designed to plump up your lips and increase your sex appeal – if you do it correctly, that is. Melissa Dahl, reviewer for's Does it Work blog, tested it. While she found the experience "vaguely dirty" and profoundly slobbery, she was initially pleased with the results and confidently applied the kit's pump (a ghastly embossed rubber device reminiscent of an enema pump) to her lips for a second time (the kit's instructions recommend repeating the process several times a day). The following morning, however, she found her face much changed; her lips were bruised blue and remained that way for an entire weekend, during which several concerned people enquired whether everything was okay at home. Dahl's verdict: "Fuller lips just weren’t worth the physical and emotional pain I experienced with JolieLips. I’ll stick with my lip gloss."

inno3-251009Babies glow
Any mother will tell you that taking a niggly baby's temperature can be as awkward  as changing a nappy while driving a tractor. The Baby Glow baby-gro, "World's Softest Thermometer", makes it much easier. The garment is fashioned from temperature-sensitive cloth that changes colour – from its original pastel pink, blue and green to white – when baby's temperature rises above 37ºC. (

As safe as fishes
Nissan mimicked three aspects of fish behaviour in their latest anti-collision technology showcased this month at the CEATEC Japan conference in Chiba. A robot called Eporo demonstrates the way humans should drive. According to Nissan, who has taken similar cues from bumblebee flight, fish display "extraordinary ‘anti-collision’ abilities, navigating instinctively and intelligently through challenging terrain by detecting and avoiding obstacles." Firstly, fish can change direction without colliding with their fellow fish. Second, lane-splitting comes naturally to fish and they also match each others’ speed while doing so. Finally, fish can get within a hair's breadth of one another's bumpers without making contact. According to principal engineer at Nissan, Toshiyuki Andou:  "We, in a motorised world, have a lot to learn from the behaviour of a school of fish in terms of each fish’s degree of freedom and safety within a school and high migration efficiency of a school itself."

inno4-251009Environmentally Correct Awards
The medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, are not only unusual in their design. Designers Corrine Hunt and Omer Arbel, have created each medal as a one-of-a-kind artwork, their lines inspired by the Orca whale and the raven. Also, the medals are manufactured from recycled e-waste; used electronics like TV's, computers and keyboards. See how the medals were made  at