inno1-011109Face to face with a thirsty hummingbird
When my son saw this contraption, he mistook it for a well-used paintballing helmet. It is, in fact, nothing of the sort. The  Eye to Eye Wearable Hummingbird Feeder was created so that the wearer can get as close as humanly possible to a hummingbird while it sips nectar from the little hole between your eyes. A video taken from inside the mask is available for viewing on, where the mask can be purchased for around R500.

Condom fingersinno2-011109
A new web meme (an element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices) has lately been doing the rounds. Some browsers of Google Books (which, in case you have not discovered it, is a huge repository of searchable scanned documents that can be accessed online) have come across scans which show the fingers of the scanners sheathed in condom-like pink rubber, a reminder that there are real live people behind all the virtual workings.

inno3-011109Baby retouched
Just the word "retouch" should be sufficient to turn any parent right off the idea of having a photo of their fresh- faced toddler turned into a waxen effigy. Apparently, there are several online companies which will turn your cutie pie into a doll, if you so wish. See the rest of the disturbing collection on the website of film maker James Gunn (


Light up your mouthinno4-011109
Truth be told, I would rather not see inside my mouth while I am brushing my teeth, but if you are inquisitive about your oral health, the Beldente LED toothbrush will throw some light on the subject. According to, the LED in the toothbrush also has a wavelength of 400 ~ 750nm that has an inhibitory effect on the pathogen that causes periodontal disease. It is available from Japanese retailer Rakuten ( for about R400 and ships with complimentary toothpaste that contains Vitamin E and Xylitol. The LED lamp has a lifespan of five million hours.

inno5-011109Paper water bottle
Brandimage created this paper water bottle in response to what is happening to the environment and in the bottling industry. They are marketing it – cleverly – as a tool to be used by companies to show their support for the environment. The 360 Paper Water Bottle is made from bamboo, palm leaves, and other natural plants and can be branded with any company's identity to show off their greenness.