inno1-081109Wisk-it away
The manufacturers of washing powder brand Wisk have come up with a clever way to extend their reach to the internet. Boring things like detergent are hard enough to market in the real world, but turning them into memes has, until now, been considered a virtual impossiblility.  Wisk came up with Wisk-it, a Facebook application designed to get rid of your dirty laundry on your friend's Facebook pages: those nasty pictures of you dancing on the table, or in your fat and pimply teens. Once you install the app, it pulls up all pictures of you on Facebook. When you click on the pic you want removed, a message is sent to the friend who owns the image requesting that it be taken down. Wisk-it is available on Facebook.

USB breast warmersinno2-081109
According to, Thanko ( is "famous for its plethora of USB-enabled gadgets that make no sense whatsoever". We have Thanko to thank for  the USB soldering iron, the USB shaver and wee man, a cupid-like mini figure that pees. The latest in their line of USB heating devices, which includes heated gloves, socks and a butt-warmer, is a USB boob-warmer. The device consists of a pair of kidney shaped pads which, when strategically placed, will defrost your peaks.

inno3-081109LED lashes
If your ordinary false eyelashes are not getting you the attention you need, why not upgrade to Soomi Park's LED version? Park's eye lights are attached to thin wires which run across the temples to a power source and a switch which is triggered as the wearer moves her eyes, adding a new dimension to the meaningful look. Korean designer Park embarked on the project as a comment on the obsession of Asian women with making their eyes appear larger. See the video on Park's website

Poo loginno4-081109
The authors of the bestseller What's your poo telling you? have created an iPhone application to go with the book. The Poo Log is, according to Discover magazine's Discoblog, "a digital timer and journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement." It also offers medical advice and helpful tips like, "Light a match. Now."