Repotting and transplanting are among the most risky tasks for any gardener, since plants might not react favourably to being uprooted and reorientated. Hyunjun Kim's "re_flowerpot" simply breaks into two parts, keeping root disturbance to a minimum.

Wireless powerinno2-170110
The technology to connect to the internet without wires has been around for long enough for it to have become synonymous with a connection to the ether. Another kind of wirelessness – which will some day free us from wires altogether – was showcased at last week's Consumer Electronics Show. Chinese manufacturer Haier showed off a television designed to be completely wireless, relying on wireless technology not only for content, but also for power. The Haier TV uses a magnetic-based power system developed by MIT spin-off company WiTricity, and is capable of receiving 100 W of power from up to about a metre away. The power unit plugs into the wall and sends power via radio waves to the electromagnetic coil in the back of the television. In addition to the impressive power trick, the television features Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI), which is capable of streaming content at 3 Gigabytes per second from distances of up to 30 metres away, disposing of the need for video input cables. The set was chosen to receive a 2010 CES "Product of the Future Award" from Popular Science magazine.

inno3-170110Upload big things
Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application. This week, the Google blog ( announced that it would allow users to upload any file type to the Google cloud – the storage space on the internet – and that they would be given a whole gigabyte, for free, to do so. Documents uploaded in this way can be viewed and shared on any computer.

Useless machine
Look up The Most Useless Machine EVER! on for instructions on how to build a machine that does nothing but switch itself off.

Disney for big people
If you love your iPhone as much as your toddler loves Ben 10, then you will find this bedding, available from the Swedish store Ellos ( absolutely irresistible.