inno1-210210Robot mimics growth
Artist David Bowen's robotic art installation laser scans an onion plant every 24 hours and then uses a 3D printer to create plastic models that illustrate the plant's growth. Once a  sculpture is completed, it is moved along on a conveyor belt to make way for the next piece of art. The installation, called "growth modeling device", won a grand prize in the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival. According to Bowen, his system plays the roles of both observer and creator and responds by producing  a mechanical perspective of a changing living object.

Make do with what you haveinno2-210210
Makedo ( is a set of simple gadgets – a connector, a hinge and a construction tool – which assist you in piecing together found objects of any description to make anything  from art to functional items. According to Coryy Doctorow on BoingBoing; "Makedo turns everything into a tinkertoy that you can attach to everything else".inno3





Leaves of Grass
Japanese designers Yuruliku delight in adding a touch of whimsy to insignificant items of stationery. Their latest design is called Green Markers – grass-shaped Post-it notes. As your interest and curiosity grow, so will the tuft of grass in your book. For around R60 you can buy a set of 75 Green Markers in a variety of sizes from the online shop on their website