The Boing Boing Video website has launched a video microblog called the BBVBOX. Blogger Susannah Breslin tweeted this animation called Red Rabbit by Egmont Mayer ( Red Rabbit (which looks pinkish in the animation) symbolises a secret that so overwhelms the keeper that he no longer has a life left. When his neighbour, who is very obviously keen on him, pops around to borrow sugar, he is so aware of the very large rabbit lurking in his apartment that he is unable to function normally and hands her his entire bag of sugar, just to get rid of her before she sees his secret. His dreams are spent anxiously pursuing his rabbit through snow-filled landscapes. One night, after shooing his neighbour away once more, he sees her in his dream, caressing his rabbit. When the ceiling of his apartment collapses (from all the rabbit's thumping about) and his neighbour falls through it, the truth is revealed...According to Mayer, the film (which was animated at a rate of ten seconds a week) took him two years to make.