Artist's websites (not to mention artists themselves) are notoriously difficult when it comes to mediating between the artist and his/her public. When I commissioned QUBA to do my site, things happened quickly:
QUBA offered me advice that was:

  • Sensible and understandable
  • Specifically tailored to my profession
  • Well adjusted to my budget

Within an impressively short time I had a proposed layout and template available for my scrutiny. And what impressed me most was the speed, functionality and user-friendliness of the preliminary site. Once we'd finalised the details, it was literally a matter of days before Francois and Debbie notified me that everything was up and running (accounts, hosting, administrative access, everything). Since the site has gone live online QUBA has gone the extra mile to ensure that I really do understand the full range of functions and options, something that makes a website like this a genuine pleasure to have.

QUBA is intelligent, practical and exceptionally helpful. What I really like about my new site is that its not pretentious or gimmicky, no flashy tricks, it's just very functional and contextualises my work in a clear and user-friendly way, but it nevertheless contains an incredible array of VERY useful behind-the-scenes functions.

Thank you Francois, Debbie and everyone else who has created an excellent website!
Vivian van der Merwe,
Stellenbosch University,