Client Testimonials

Thank you very much for the excellent documentary film about the photography workshop in South Africa. It has been a pleasure working and discussing diversity and other matters with you. We have received many positive responses to the movie. It shows the development and cooperation, which took place at the workshop, in an impressive and successful way.

Furthermore the film excellently reflects the boundaries of diversity and the link between diversity as a driver for development.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Randa Kourieh-Ranarivelo
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

Working with Francois Smit and his team at Quba was a productive and rewarding experience.

Francois took the time to engage deeply with our collaborative project, spending a lot of time observing the workshop part of our project and meeting the group of 17 HIV positive participants. having taken the time to really understand  what we were trying to achieve he was able to produce designs which were totally appropriate  to our brief and goals, while at the same time bringing in some of his own strong ideas and input.

His poster designs were exactly what we wanted: clean, simple and powerful. He got the balance of image and text just right, and to be honest our team was blown away by the quality of his work.

He also was able to work under our tight deadlines with speed, efficiency and great humour.

We would all choose to work with him again as our project develops.

Gideon Mendel,
photographer and (co-director of the Through Positive Eyes project

Francois/Quba was a pleasure to deal with -- entirely professional but more like friends sharing your mission than like contractors watching for ways to squeeze extra rands out of the deal. Plus extraordinarily patient with author's (excessive) amendments (stemming from changes of mind more than shortcomings in drafts). Plus the outcome was just so bloody good. Not everyone says "this is a great book" but everyone says "this is a great cover". Moreover the chapter-opening illustrations are a massive lift --  quiet, dignified, they give class to the book as a body as well as giving the reader a booster-shot on what the book is about. After reading a chapter, readers re-look at the illustration and they understand the words better. Een groot ernstige fout: they're too small. Next edition -- if and when -- we must work out how to print them bigger without compromising the understated elegance.
Denis Beckett
Editor, Publisher, Journalist, Author
Francois Smit and I have collaborated on a number of projects that called for his design skills. I found him to be an enthusiastic participant rather than simply a supplier of design. He has a strong ability to grasp concepts and put them into clear and effective design. He is enjoyable to work with, non-territorial and delivers on his promises on time. All of which, in my opinion, makes him a most commendable designer.
David Goldblatt
Quba's work for IRIN has been innovative, professional and of a very high standard. Not only does the quality of the finished product set Quba apart, but getting to that stage is a positive process. Both Francois and Debbie have taken our less than fully formed ideas, and by listening and gently advising, have helped transform back of the envelope concepts into original and dynamic designs we have been very proud of.
Obinna Anyadike
IRIN, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Returning from our meeting last week, it struck me that your service (Quba) is valuable beyond your imaginative design capability.
You and Debbie bring to your work a world view that always inspires and adds to our first thoughts. You will not be there when we take the glory but we want you to know that we appreciate you and the generous manner in which you share and grow ideas.
Mike Stainbank
CEO – The Es’kia Institute
Francois Smit was responsible for the design and publishing of the World Gold 2009 website.  The website was developed after consultation to the specifications requested within in a short period.  In the consultation process, he used his experience to advise on improving the requests.  The quality of the work was excellent and provided extra professionalism to the conference.  He is always available if additions have to be made.
Paul van der Plas
Conference Chairman, World Gold 2009
francois smit is one of the most powerful and original graphic designers in the country.
as his website attests he is also extraordinarily versatile ...
Riaan de Villiers
Publisher/Editor, Acumen
I have worked with Francois Smit of Quba Design & Motion for almost ten years as publisher and editor of Enjin magazine, a South African Design and Graphic Arts publication. During this time I have come to know Francois personally and professionally. His work as art director, designer and illustrator for Enjin magazine has always been of a high calibre – never mediocre – and always delivered on time. In addition to his services in art direction and design, Francois has always taken a keen interest in marketing, media strategy and implementation – whether in print or online – which has added tremendous value to the publication. Francois is always available for consultation – he takes a keen interest in clients' businesses beyond what is called for, which speaks of a true dedication to his profession. In all I can recommend Francois for great design skills in both print and online. He is a dedicated professional that likes what he does – this I believe sets Quba Design & Motion apart from other design studios.
Gregor Naudé
Publisher/Editor Enjin magazine
WSI has worked with the Quba team for over 5 years on a range of mainly public sector projects. In this time we have found them to be dedicated to the work at hand and professional in their approach.  We have especially liked that they have kept up with what is happening in the industry and are able to offer a range of services - from print through to web design. The balance of creativity as well as speed of delivery is what sets this team apart for us!
Una Seery,
Worling Solutions International, Johannesburg
In 2007, when I was preparing to publish Stories from the Asiatic Bazaar, an anthology of short biographies, I had the great good fortune of being introduced to Francois and Debbie Smit of QUBA MOTION AND DESIGN.  As the book was based on interviews with former inhabitants of the Asiatic Bazaar, which was part of Marabastad in Pretoria, I wanted a very special publication that paid tribute to the people whose stories were recorded in it.  

I had tried to work with other layout artists before coming to Debbie and Francois but I couldn’t make them understand, chiefly because they didn’t believe in communication.  With Francois and Debbie, it was such a relief to find people who actually wanted to hear my intentions and ideas before they began work.  Then I was amazed at how readily they translated my needs into their creative design.  They understood and were willing to use their skills to make a book that I would be proud to present and people would be proud to receive.  And in no time at all it was done.

The book was received with great excitement and enthusiasm and I am sure that that was due to its visual impact.  I am very glad that it was not put out by any recognised publisher.  It certainly would not have had the quality that QUBA MOTION AND DESIGN gave it.
Dr Muthal Naidoo,
writer and publisher,, Lyttelton, South Africa

Artist's websites (not to mention artists themselves) are notoriously difficult when it comes to mediating between the artist and his/her public. When I commissioned QUBA to do my site, things happened quickly:
QUBA offered me advice that was:

  • Sensible and understandable
  • Specifically tailored to my profession
  • Well adjusted to my budget

Within an impressively short time I had a proposed layout and template available for my scrutiny. And what impressed me most was the speed, functionality and user-friendliness of the preliminary site. Once we'd finalised the details, it was literally a matter of days before Francois and Debbie notified me that everything was up and running (accounts, hosting, administrative access, everything). Since the site has gone live online QUBA has gone the extra mile to ensure that I really do understand the full range of functions and options, something that makes a website like this a genuine pleasure to have.

QUBA is intelligent, practical and exceptionally helpful. What I really like about my new site is that its not pretentious or gimmicky, no flashy tricks, it's just very functional and contextualises my work in a clear and user-friendly way, but it nevertheless contains an incredible array of VERY useful behind-the-scenes functions.

Thank you Francois, Debbie and everyone else who has created an excellent website!
Vivian van der Merwe,
Stellenbosch University,

The SAMREC/SAMVAL Committee launched its website in early 2008. QUBA was responsible for the initial design for which we have had many compliments from many parts of the world. QUBA have been professional in their approach in interpreting the very specific needs of the SSC a professional body involved with the setting of reporting standards in the South African minerals industry. QUBA has also provided the SSC with excellent and speedy service in keeping the website updated.
Roger Dixon, Chairperson SSC, SAMCODE , Johannesburg

Francois puts out 200% and is dedicated to making excellent quality websites that have accurately given voice and vision to my business in a way that I could not have done.
Through colour and subtle nuance, he has the ability to get the message across with feeling and professionalism.  My websites have become an anchor for my business and a reference point for getting my message out to the world. 
Terri George, Therapist, Return to Essence , London, UK
QUBA is no ordinary design company, but an essential and indipensable partner that fully understands and shares our vision... I particualrly appreciate QUBA's ability to think as an artist first and then to consistently deliver the highest technical, aesthetic, creative and professional standards... ahead of schedule! It never fails to impress our clients. ...
Daniel Stolfi, Founder and Artistic Director, THE AWESOME PUPPET COMPANY , Bath, UK