In 2007, when I was preparing to publish Stories from the Asiatic Bazaar, an anthology of short biographies, I had the great good fortune of being introduced to Francois and Debbie Smit of QUBA MOTION AND DESIGN.  As the book was based on interviews with former inhabitants of the Asiatic Bazaar, which was part of Marabastad in Pretoria, I wanted a very special publication that paid tribute to the people whose stories were recorded in it.  

I had tried to work with other layout artists before coming to Debbie and Francois but I couldn’t make them understand, chiefly because they didn’t believe in communication.  With Francois and Debbie, it was such a relief to find people who actually wanted to hear my intentions and ideas before they began work.  Then I was amazed at how readily they translated my needs into their creative design.  They understood and were willing to use their skills to make a book that I would be proud to present and people would be proud to receive.  And in no time at all it was done.

The book was received with great excitement and enthusiasm and I am sure that that was due to its visual impact.  I am very glad that it was not put out by any recognised publisher.  It certainly would not have had the quality that QUBA MOTION AND DESIGN gave it.
Dr Muthal Naidoo,
writer and publisher,, Lyttelton, South Africa