Working with Francois Smit and his team at Quba was a productive and rewarding experience.

Francois took the time to engage deeply with our collaborative project, spending a lot of time observing the workshop part of our project and meeting the group of 17 HIV positive participants. having taken the time to really understand  what we were trying to achieve he was able to produce designs which were totally appropriate  to our brief and goals, while at the same time bringing in some of his own strong ideas and input.

His poster designs were exactly what we wanted: clean, simple and powerful. He got the balance of image and text just right, and to be honest our team was blown away by the quality of his work.

He also was able to work under our tight deadlines with speed, efficiency and great humour.

We would all choose to work with him again as our project develops.

Gideon Mendel,
photographer and (co-director of the Through Positive Eyes project