Francois/Quba was a pleasure to deal with -- entirely professional but more like friends sharing your mission than like contractors watching for ways to squeeze extra rands out of the deal. Plus extraordinarily patient with author's (excessive) amendments (stemming from changes of mind more than shortcomings in drafts). Plus the outcome was just so bloody good. Not everyone says "this is a great book" but everyone says "this is a great cover". Moreover the chapter-opening illustrations are a massive lift --  quiet, dignified, they give class to the book as a body as well as giving the reader a booster-shot on what the book is about. After reading a chapter, readers re-look at the illustration and they understand the words better. Een groot ernstige fout: they're too small. Next edition -- if and when -- we must work out how to print them bigger without compromising the understated elegance.
Denis Beckett
Editor, Publisher, Journalist, Author